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Child Care Vancouver WA

Are You Looking For Child Care Near Me?

Child Care Vancouver WAAre you looking for a child care center that fits the needs of your child and gives them an opportunity for early education and focuses on child development? ChildsPlay Learning Center in Vancouver, WA, is an early learning center that is focused on teaching children how to grow through a structured curriculum and organized play. ChildsPlay has been providing quality child care for Vancouver families since 2011 and is a proud participant of Washington’s Early Achievers Program. In our different age-specific grouped rooms, we supply children with their age-appropriate curriculum from experienced teachers and caregivers in a loving and caring learning environment. From six weeks old to preschool to school-age children, we take pride in helping all children learn and grow through play and specialized learning activities. We encourage children to play outside to exercise their bodies while they apply their minds indoors. While in their respective classrooms, our experienced teachers plan out organized activities that help children grow as individuals and with each other.

Infant Child Care

At ChildsPlay, we offer child care for children as young as six weeks old. We know that getting back to work is important for parents after childbirth. That’s why we are proud to offer child care services for infants. Our staff is properly trained and certified in the care of young children, and they make sure that all their basic needs are met. Each child receives the proper food, cleanliness, and most importantly, love. Even at such a young age, we can offer early learning opportunities for your infant that give them a chance to explore and learn.

Toddler Learning Center

Toddler Learning Center Vancouver WAAt ChildsPlay Learning Center, we encourage toddlers to build up their self-confidence and teach them the proper self-help skills. Toddlers deserve the freedom to grow and learn about their independence. Our toddler room gives children an environment to expand their language, emotional, and social skills with other children. Our classroom is designed to give toddlers activities inside and outside, access to play materials that help them learn through playing, and hands-on learning lessons. We emphasize the growth of toddlers’ language skills and other basic skills like math and art during these crucial years. Curious as to how our toddler rooms operate? Schedule a tour with us today and see how our child care works!

School Age Learning Center

For our school-age children, we provide a structured and safe environment where they can learn, socialize, and play while still getting a quality education. With convenient transportation from schools that drop children off directly at our doors and operating hours that make it easier for both parents and kids, ChildsPlay Learning Center can offer a beneficial schedule for the whole family. During the summer months, we offer summer learning programs with guest classes and learning sessions for all ages that start in mid-June and run through the last week of August. For the summer months that you need care for your child, you can count on us to provide quality care and stimulating programs that keep your child learning through the summer. Call us and ask how we can provide high-quality childcare and learning plans for your child year-round with our summer programs!

FAQs About Child Care

What is the minimum age for daycare in Washington state?
6 weeks old.
What are the benefits of child care for children?
Child care allows students to grow, socially, emotionally and physically. While learning self regulation and soothing skills.
What qualifications should I look for in a child care provider
A licensed provider with quality references