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Daycare Vancouver WA

Infant to School Age Daycare in Vancouver WA

Daycare Vancouver WA

ChildsPlay Learning Center offers safe and high-quality daycare in Vancouver WA

At ChildsPlay Learning Center in Vancouver, WA, we are passionate about providing a structured curriculum and organized play environment for early learners. Our experienced teachers and child care professionals understand that children grow at different rates, which is why we offer age-specific grouped rooms and age-appropriate curriculums. Our approach to creative learning incorporates specialized activities to engage both the mind and the body. We take pride in our participation in Washington’s Early Achievers Program, which ensures our licensed child care center maintains a high standard of quality care. Here at ChildsPlay, we encourage children to enjoy the great outdoors while also providing indoor activities that promote individual growth and teamwork. Come see what our learning center has to offer for children from six weeks old to preschool age and beyond.

Engaging Daycare Curriculum

Some daycares do not require or use a curriculum in their day-to-day child development operations. ChildsPlay’s daycare service includes several structured subjects and learning plans that keep your child engaged daily. With language development skills, necessary math skills, and emotional and art skills being so essential to learn, our certified teachers know what it takes to give your child the best early learning and care possible. Children in our classrooms will also get to experience plenty of outside play and activities, as our kids enjoy outdoor time twice a day. Outside time allows children to exercise their minds, as well as their bodies. Along with outside time, your child will also enjoy snacks throughout the day and in between learning plans. With art time and free time included in the day, children get plenty of time to express themselves and grow together with other children and with our education experts.

Our Early Childhood Learning Center Provides Various Day Care Near Me Services

There are various early childhood learning techniques that our educators employ to foster a child’s development and learning during their formative years. One popular approach is Montessori, which emphasizes hands-on, self-directed learning and encourages children to explore their environment at their own pace. Another technique is the Reggio Emilia approach, which promotes project-based learning and encourages children to express themselves through art and collaboration. Each of these techniques recognizes the unique abilities and learning styles of children, providing them with opportunities for holistic development and fostering a lifelong love for learning here at ChildsPlay Learning Center.

Searching for Before and After School Daycare Near Me For Your Child?

Before School Care Vancouver WA

Sign your child up for before-school care today!

Along with our quality child care services and school-age programs, we also offer experienced before and after-school programs for our children. These regular child care programs go well beyond just primary care or help with homework. We use the same standards as our general classrooms for the basis of our before school and after school programs. Our programs are high-quality, safe, and encourage enrichment in the child’s minds. With before-school and after-school programs, we allow parents to be more flexible with their daily schedule and will enable them to choose whether they need more morning care or afternoon care or a mixture of both. ChildsPlay Learning Center is proud to offer quality before and after-school programs for your children. If you have any questions in regard to our programs or our creative curriculum, contact us today and set up a tour of our classrooms! Our qualified child care teachers can help your child today!


FAQs About Daycare

Is 3 too old to start daycare?
No, it’s never to old to start child care. Early interventions make a huge difference in child development.
What is the best age to put a child in daycare?
When it feels right for the parents/Guardians. I would say around 1 years old is an ideal start time.
What is the typical daily routine in a daycare?
We have two meals a day and two snacks. We go outside two times a day and have instructional/play time inside.
What are the staff-to-child ratios in a daycare?

Depends on Age Group. 

Infants 1:4 

Toddler 1:7 

Preschool 1:10 

School Age 1:15